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13th April 2021, Accademia delle Belle arti di Palermo – workshop ‘Nel Vivo dell’Arte’, Tecnologie digitali per lo studio e la divulgazione del patrimonion artistico-culturale

11th January 2021, Keynote Speaker for the 2nd International Workshop on Pattern Recognition for Cultural Heritage, Milan, Italy, From bits to bytes: pattern recognition and digital imaging for the study of ancient mosaics

16th September 2020, Time Sifters Archaeological Society, Sarasota, Explorers, Traders, Soldiers: Aegean presence in Sicily before the colonization

19th August 2020 – Tampa Sister Cities Annual Meeting, Agrigento and its territory: 5,000 years of archaeological treasures.

26th June 2020 – Gulf Coast Italian Culture Society, Sarasota, Bigger fish to fry: Fishing and fish consumption in Archaic Greek Sicily.

12nd October 2019 – Polk State College, Winter Haven, Archaeology Club, Sicily, Cradle of the Mediterranean Diet: Grape Wine and Olive Oil in Prehistory.

23rd April 2019 – The Italian-American Women of Today (LIADO), Syracuse, the Fairest Greek City.

12th April 2019 – Gulf Coast Italian Culture Society (Sarasota), Sicily: Cradle of the Mediterranean Diet Grape Wine and Olive Oil in European Prehistory.

31st March 2019 – Tampa Museum of Art, Sicily: Art and Invention between Greece and Rome.

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